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It all started with a vision to help the farmers and government of Lao PDR 5 years ago.  To create a triple win proposition for parties involved:

Win for the Government of Lao PDR to establish an industry on Agarwood which will increase the GDP of the country by promoting Lao PDR Agarwood to the global market.

Win for the farmers of Lao PDR as it will help to improve the quality and standard of living, creating job positions for them to help in the project and helping them to en cash the assets they have for the past 15-20 years.


Win for our business unit to make it a successful and profitable entity.  We are committed to CSR with % of our NPAT to contribute to the community of Lao PDR in terms of education and health care.  


We planned to establish the Centre of Excellence in Singapore and gather the Agarwood plantations from the regional countries of ASEAN to work with us to produce quality and valuable finished products.

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