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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is Link Capital Pte Ltd’s Vision & Mission?


Link Capital International Limited’s Vision & Mission is to create a triple win proposition for the parties involved:


  • Win for the Government of Lao PDR to establish an industry on Agarwood which will increase the GDP of the country.

  • Win for the farmers of Lao PDR as it will help to improve the quality and standard of living.

  • Win for our business unit to make it a successful and profitable entity.  We are committed to CSR with a percentage of our NPAT will be contributed to the community of Lao PDR in terms of education and health care.  


Q:   What kind of Research and Agricultural-tech team does Link Capital Pte Ltd have backing it?


  • We have a team of academic professors funded by The Central government of China to be our strategic research and design partners in addition to supplying us with the technology.

  • We have a Taiwan Professor who is one of the top agri-tech specialists in enzyme, cross-breeding of Agri products and soil.  


Q:    Where is the Market Demand for Agarwood?  


The current global market for agarwood is estimated to be in the range of USD 15-16 billion and is rapidly growing as the supply can barely meet 30% of the global demand. Middle East for Oud oil and Agarwood chips, North Asia for Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, Europe for fragrance.

Q:    What if the Agarwood trees are destroyed and meet with fatality?


This is highly unlikely. To date, we have had no instance of this. However, Link Capital Pte Ltd will be covered by International “A” rated insurance companies from Europe. The insurance will provide a basic valuation to the crop with an amount insured per tree to mitigate the risks against losses from natural disasters, theft, malicious theft, etc.


Q.    What are the Key Benefits of using Agarwood?

  • Anti-inflammatory – Soothe skin irritation, calm cough due to inflammation of sensitive tissues in the airway

  • Antimicrobial activity – Fights bacteria that causes acne and bacteria

  • Antioxidants - Repair dead skin, making it glow

  • Anti-arthritic – Reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism

  • Diuretic qualities – Flush out uric acid and other toxins from the body

  • Relaxant properties – Promotes relief of tension and good sleep

Q:    What does the Singapore Centre of Excellence entail? 


We will establish the Centre of Excellence in Singapore and gather the Agarwood from plantations in the regional countries of ASEAN to work with us to produce quality and valuable finished products. 

Q:    Who will undertake the validation and certify the product? 


  • Applied Science departments of the Institute of higher learning will be assisting us in validation, certification of our source of supply not just from Lao PDR but other ASEAN countries.

  • Singapore is establishing itself as a reputable and strong Bio-Tech hub for Southeast Asia, we would like to tap on the expertise to conduct product innovation especially in the pharmaceutical field.

  • 20-year concession certificate (starting April 2019), export and operating licenses were provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR to implement the Agarwood project.

Q:    What is Link Capital Pte Ltd’s focus on sustainability? 


  • Environmental
    We are harvesting the trees in batches with a re-planting scheme worked out with the authorities of the source of supply.

  • Social
    The Corporate Social Responsibility programme (in Education and Healthcare) we have put in place for the country that we are taking the source of supply from.

  • Governance
    Above board involvement of the authority of the SG government and ASEAN government, engagement of reputable legal and auditing firm for the operations of the company. 

Q.    What are the differentiation factors for Liquid Gold? 


We have first-mover advantage in bio and agri-tech, coupled with an experienced and proven management team managing the largest plantation in Asia with a reliable supply of matured trees between 18-20yrs old, ready to be harvested.

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