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Agarwood Plantation Drone Mapping 

Jan 2024


Link Capital In Collaboration with Garuda Robotics who is the Developer of autonomous drone systems. With upgraded unmanned aircraft and artificial intelligence technologies enabling clients to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Scope carried out: 

  • Automated Tree Counting 

  • Geospatial Analytics

  • Mapping ops and asset validation

On this journey, LCPL conducted an inspection of our plantations and was pleased to find that our advanced inoculation technique and scientific research have resulted in enhanced resin formation. We also seized the opportunity to meet with and brief His Excellency Sudesh Maniar, the Singapore Ambassador to Laos, about the progress of our Agarwood business and carbon credit projects..

Technique and research leads to Improved yield .jpg
Automated Tree Counting and Geoanalytics.jpg
Joy meeting up V.Sundramoorthy former Singaporean international footballer.jpg
Arrival group photo LCPL with Garuda Robotics and Dr Yek.jpg
LCPL progress update with SG Ambassador to Laos Sudesh Maniar.jpg

Clean-Tech SG delegations to UAE

Nov 2023

In conjunction with the UAE Presidency of COP28 Climate Summit, sustainability was a major theme. 

Clean-Tech, SG companies who provide effective solutions to achieve ESG through innovations head to the UAE in Nov’23. This was one of the first opportunities for Singapore companies to be exposed to COP28 plans and participation from the organiser and key summit participants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. 

On this journey, we were introduced to the chambers of commerce in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as prominent real estate developers such as Al Dar and Emaar. Additionally, we explored the Sharjah Research and Technology Innovation Park and engaged with Invest In Sharjah. Our itinerary also included visits to state-owned oil companies like ADNOC and ENOC, among others.

Link Capital’s Presentation on our Sustainable Business Model at SRTIP.jpg
Business meeting with Ajmal CEO and R_D director.jpg
BEEAH Group - Meeting sustainability initiatives with future technologies.jpg
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the exclusive provider of electricity and
Delegations at Invest at Sharjah introduction by UAESBC President Dr Brian.jpg

Link Capital forms alliance with  prominent organizations & institutes of higher learning to drive green economic growth across the ASEAN region

In a significant and forward-looking move, Temasek Polytechnic (TP), Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Link Capital Pte Ltd (Forestry Project Owner), REDEX Pte Ltd (Renewable Energy Certifier), Aeterni Pte Ltd (Carbon Credit and Sustainability Consulting Firm), and Bureau Veritas Singapore Pte Ltd (Validation and Verification Body for Carbon Credits) have officially inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to forge a greener future. The MOU was effective on 7 Nov 2023 at TP-ECOllab Symposium 2023 in Temasek Polytechnic. With a shared commitment to developing the green economy in ASEAN countries, the signing parties are poised to embark on a multifaceted journey, marked by innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.


Read the Press Release here.

Link Capital - Temasek Polytechnic MOU 2023 - 4.jpg
Link Capital - Temasek Polytechnic MOU 2023 - 1.jpg
Link Capital - Temasek Polytechnic MOU 2023 - 3.jpg
Link Capital - Temasek Polytechnic MOU 2023 - 5.jpg
Link Capital - Temasek Polytechnic MOU 2023 - 2.jpg
Link Capital - Temasek Polytechnic MOU 2023 - 6.jpg

UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner in aid of the Singapore National Paralympic Council

8 Nov 2023


UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner in aid of the Singapore National Paralympic Council! Event was graced by Guest of Honour, Mr Alvin Tan, Singapore Minister of State Trade & Industry and Culture, Community & Youth.


Event speakers: 

Mr Mohamed Alzarooni, Head of Economic Affairs,

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Singapore


Mr Alvin Tan, Singapore Minister of State Trade & Industry and Culture, Community & Youth


Dr Teo-Koh Sock Miang, Beneficiary Representative,President, Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC)


Dr Brian Shegar, President, UAE Singapore Business Council

UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2023-1.jpg
UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2023-6.jpg
UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2023-3.jpg
UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2023-2.jpg
UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2023-5.jpg
UAESBC 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2023-4.jpg

Saudi-Singapore Business Forum (SSBF)

26 Sep 2023


Link Capital Pte Ltd is privileged to be selected to exhibit our products and services to a diverse audience.


Visiting our booth were H.E. Dr. Eiman Al-Mutairi, Saudi Vice Minister of Commerce, Dr Tan See Leng, Minister of Manpower & Second Minister of Trade and Industry of Singapore, H.E. Dr Majid Al Qasabi, Saudi Minister of Commerce.

Saudi Singapore Business Forum - linkcapital-03.jpg
Dr Tan See Leng, Minister of Manpower and Second Minister of Trade and Industry of Singapore
Saudi Singapore Business Forum - linkcapital - 06.jpg

ITE-BASE (Business Alliance Sustainable Economy) Seminar on Sustainability @ITE HQ 

From low carbon economies to green workforce development, renewable energy, and digital solutions, our speakers delve into key topics that can driving positive business transformation towards a more sustainable world.

Presentations included: Building A Low Carbon Economy: Challenges and Opportunities by Mr.Teng Theng Dar, our corporate adviser; Implementing Sustainability: Digital Solutions, Support, and Certification by Mr Wee Boon Siong CEO, RHT Green.

ITE_BASE Sustainability Seminar - Linkcapital - 05.jpg
ITE_BASE Sustainability Seminar - Linkcapital - 04.jpg

ITE Student Exchange Program To Laos

MOES, technical and vocational education colleges Lao PDR and ITE Singapore Student Exchange Program

In September 2023, 20 students + 2 Teachers from MOES, technical and vocational education colleges Lao PDR participated in an overseas study trip to ITE Singapore to understudy on sustainability. In return, ITE will send 20 students + 2 Teachers to Laos in December. 

Address by Ms Shirley Tee, Associate Director, Temasek Foundation - Specialists' Community Action and Leadership Exchange (SCALE) Program sponsored by Temasek Foundation.

H.E. Sengkeo Pouangpadith,Ambassador of Lao PDR to Singapore speaking to the students and imparting his knowledge.

This student immersion program encourages appreciation of diverse socio-political, cultural and technology issues via structured academic learning and develop leadership skills among students with the potential to be future leaders in Asia.

ITE Exchange Program - Linkcapital - 04.jpg
ITE-Laos Student Exchange 02 - linkcapital.jpg
ITE-Laos Student Exchange - linkcapital.jpg
ITE Exchange Program - Linkcapital - 03.jpg
ITE Exchange Program - Linkcapital - 01.jpg
ITE Exchange Program - Linkcapital - 05.jpg

CFO Vietnam - Business Trip to Singapore

Sep 2023


This event is one of the key activities to celebrate the 15th year Anniversary of the Vietnam CFO Association (2008 - 2023) and serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences with Singapore partners and friends.

Founder, CEO of Link Capital Pte Ltd presenting company’s Sustainability Business Model to the Vietnam CFO delegates and Business Executives from Singapore;  Moderator Mr.Teng Theng Dar, Corporate Advisor to Link Capital Pte Ltd facilitating Q&A sessions.

CFOVietnam - linkcapital - 01.jpg
CFOVietnam - linkcapital - 04.jpg
CFOVietnam - linkcapital - 02.jpg

Royal Fragrances Collaboration

An Agarwood specialist - Authentic Scents with a Royal touch.

Mr Sheikh Abdullah founded Royal Fragrances, the bespoke perfume company have been in the industry for more than 50 years. Royal Fragrances believe in high-quality product and bespoke services; serving the local community and travellers from the Middle East and all over the world including royal families.

Located in the heart of Kampung Gelam, it is located at 26 Bussorah Street close to the iconic Sultan Mosque.

Royal Fragrances Singapore.jpg
royal fragrances - linkcapital - 01.jpg
royal fragrances - linkcapital - 02.jpg

9 September 2022

Liquid Gold Agarwood Found To Have Significantly Higher Agarotetrol

In a recent agarwood analysis by the School of Applied Science, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, was found to have as much as 0.64% of Agarotetrol concentration (mg/L), which are 6.4 times higher than 0.1% (the minimum content) based on Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 in its samples from Lao, PDR. Agarotetrol is a source compound for low molecular weight aromatic compounds from agarwood heating.

>> Read more here


31 May 2022

R&D Project With Temasek Polytechnic

We have Kickstarted the R&D project with Temasek Polytechnic on the development of new scientific guidelines on product specifications for Agarwood and Agarwood oil for use in medical and novel complementary health products. Quality evaluation of agarwood products based on Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015.


Agarwood product validation, certification, and standardization will ensure sustainability for global consumers and establish Singapore as a Centre of Excellence for this ancient and valuable resource.

13 August 2021


Link Capital Pte Ltd And Temasek Polytechnic Signed A Memorandum Of Understanding For Research & Development In Agarwood And Product Innovation In Singapore

>> Read more here​​


3 June 2021


Centre of Excellence For Agarwood Processing in Singapore.

Link Capital awarded 20 Year concession by Lao PDR Government.


>> Read more here

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