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Singapore-based Link Capital is to set up a regional Agarwood processing facility to capture a huge unfulfilled global demand. With support from the Government Authority of Singapore and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), raw Agarwood from the region will be processed at the Centre of Excellence established in Singapore under stringent quality control, certification, and complying with ESG (environment, social, governance) standards to ensure sustainability. 


Government Support

Obtained Lao PDR government’s exclusive concession for 28 million agarwood trees over a 20 year period, with a regional Centre of Excellence in Singapore. 



Agarwood plantations grown and harvested in a responsible and sustainable manner, through reforestation and low carbon emission to comply with international ESG standards (UN Sustainable Development Goals).


Our CSR programs will support local farmers and the community to improve their livelihoods and help the country improve its GDP. 

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is a fragrant dark resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree used in medicine, wellness, fragrance products. It can be distilled into Oud Oil - liquid gold, for other uses.  It is valued in many cultures and religious purposes across Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Top-grade Agarwood and Oud Oil is valued at USD100,000 per kilogram or per litre respectively.  The global market is rapidly growing with an estimated value of US$15-16 billion per annum and the supply can barely meet 30% of the global demand.

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Liquid Gold Agarwood Found to Have Significantly Higher Agarotetrol

Site Inspection at Laos DPR plantation

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