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Centre Of Excellence

Centre Of Excellence

Centre of Excellence, Biomedical Park in Singapore.

As the Centre of Excellence, we have received an exceptional amount of support from the various authorities of Singapore Government.

  • Temasek Polytechnic (TP), Applied Science department will be assisting us in validation, certification of our source of supply from Lao PDR and other ASEAN countries. In addition TP will be setting up a standardization platform for finished products and future product innovations. 

  • Agarwood is uniquely the produce of this region with the best species for base ingredients - Oud Oil and Chips to be used as medicinal/wellness/fragrance/cultural/religion etc.  This will assist to develop a scientific standard to develop a platform of grading and pricing of our finished products (Oud Oil and Agarwood Chips) from the different source of supply.  

  • Singapore is establishing itself as a reputable and strong Bio-Tech hub for South East Asia, we would like to tap on the expertise to conduct product innovation especially in the pharmaceutical field.

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