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Agarwood Harvest Ready For Sale


Just Arrived

Aug 2022 - Just Harvested

LinkCapital has accumulated a stockpile of 5.5-6 tons of pre-processed materials and on its way to distil into pure Oud oil for market use. With a ready harvest of agarwood chips from Lao PDR, we invite potential expressions of interest to acquire current and future harvests.



Sep 2022 - Oud Oil Distillation Update

This distillation process provides the highest quality of Oud Oil in terms of purity and density from the pre processed agarwood materials that we have harvested. Both the pre processed materials and the Oud Oil have attained positive lab test reports by International Laboratory. Agarwood will be distilled into oud oil for the fragrance industry and for use in TCM.


Quality Analysis

Sep 2022 - Significantly Higher Agarotetrol

Our agarwood contains as much as 0.64% of agarotetrol in its samples from Lao, PDR.  Analysis done by the School of Applied Science, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.


Arab Health

See You In Dubai - 2023 

We're taking part in Arab Health 2023 to showcase our products in the Middle East and also to meet our valued customers.

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